Kirtan is an exceptional student and teacher of the yogic arts. His extensive skill along with his charisma and teamwork make him an asset in all situations. -Rodney Yee

Class Schedule



4:30pm - 5:30pm  Vinyasa - Stanford

6:30-7:30Pm  Yoga Fundamentals - EQUINOX - Palo Alto


8-9Am   Vinyasa Yoga - Zee Aereo

                                                 9:15-10:25aM  Vinyasa 2/3- YogaWorks, Palo Alto

12pm - 1pm    Corporate Class - Palo Alto

4pm- 5pm  Vinyasa TC 5/ GOOGLE

6pm - 7:05pm   Vinyasa Level 1/2 - YOGAWORKS, Palo Alto


9:15am-10:30aM  Vinyasa - VIBE, Redwood City

11-11:55Am    Gentle Yoga - NEST, Palo Alto


8am-9am   Vinyasa Yoga - ZEE AEREO

                                            9:15-10:25Am  Vinyasa Yoga 2/3- YogaWorks, Palo Alto

12-1pm   Corporate Class - Palo Alto

4:30- 5:30pm  Vinyasa - Stanford

6pm - 7:05pm  Vinyasa Level 1/2 - YOGAWORKS, Palo Alto

 Teacher Training


Events / Workshops