YOga Privates

Therapuetics, Reiki, Asana, Meditation, Restorative.

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Lowell Sears

Life Science Venture Capitalist.

Nationally Ranked Triathlete

Therapeutic Yoga, Portola Valley

“The trauma from a serious cycling accident created a very large cyst inside my spinal canal pressing on my spinal nerves threatening to paralyze my legs.  I had a bi-lateral laminectomy and facetonomy to remove the cyst and damaged tissue."

“Kirtan guided me through a progression of poses and mobilizations with a unique blend of knowledge and care.  His composed nature gave me confidence, improving my flexibility and strength in the healing process.  Kirtan put me back on the path to competition and resuming my personal yoga practice with new insight.  I am very grateful for his work and would recommend his talents to anyone recovering from spine surgery.”


Surita Degan

Architect and Interior Designer

Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy

“My yoga lessons with Kirtan have been a blessing in my life. He is intuitive and knowledgeable, which guides our practice for the day. Every lesson is a delight to look forward to. I now have a deeper understanding of my body, soul and mind through our practice. A better teacher I have not met."